Our Services


Research and Analysis

  • We network with Corporates and fetch data points on most sourced Industry skills
  • We study hiring trends (Job Sites, Social Connects, Google Research)
  • We perform analysis on overall fitment of the skills – Vertical, Resource skills required, Work Location, Average Salary, Cost of Living
  • We at present cater to following industry Digital Agency/Platforms, BPOs, KPOs, Low code and RPA

Candidate Sourcing

  • With our network of social workers and cities where we/training hubs are located we source relevant candidates
  • We approach colleges and universities to create candidate data bank
  • Spread the work through target audience advertisement

Training & Grooming

  • We upskill youth with lesser opportunities so that they are ready to contribute more than they could perhaps currently do.
  • We train them on the Industry Process, Project requirement in-line with our customer needs
  • Groom them for the corporate world.


  • We connect corporates with the candidates for the interview and screening
  • We track and monitor placement success rate and employer feedback
  • We undertake re-trainings to meet employer expectation
  • We maintain pipe-line of resources (bench) as per projected employer need


What does it mean for You?

Reduced Cost of Operation

  • Upstart invests in training the resources for the project/process
  • Upstart owns the resource bench cost

Right hiring

  • Custom training provided
  • Qualified and trained resource per process requirement
  • Evaluation as per your company criteria
  • Ensures -- faster on-boarding of resource on project

Resource and Attrition management

  • Effective Project support on attrition -- we can maintain a constant pipeline of candidates